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Video: Growing, "Drone Burger" and "Hormone"

Growing's new record is called PUMPS (all caps). They should have that job where you name stuff. Whoever decided a car should be a "Touareg" needs some Growing consultation. Would much rather ghost ride a Chevy Drone Burger. Truly odd, Growing's certainly taken lessons from the Black Dice school of music meltdown, but maybe stonier, if at all possible. "Hormone"'s video looks like what you see on the TV in an old hotel in Nevada. Maybe sounds like it too, the brokedown, unpurposeful electronic gibberish that makes so much sense with a quarter moon, like seeing the Virgin Mary in your toast, sense from nonsense, vice versa. Whatever makes you feel serene. Willing to bet the members of Growing have found some real peace and bless them for it and their need for social transmission of their high plain. "Hormone" is above and check "Drone Burger" after the jump.

Video: Growing, "Drone Burger" and "Hormone"