Dude Goes To P4K and Juggalo Festivals, Embraces Inner Juggalo

Often times when we find a story that catches our fancy, we sort of summarize it for you and inject pith of such a high quality you can only find it here. But this time we're going to strongly encourage you go to the original source. MTV found a dude (Derek) , more specifically an artist who does weird-sounding nude paintings of Bee Arthur with hula-hoops. Derek attended both the Pitchfork Music Festival and The Gathering Of The Juggalos last year. The guy doesn't seem to have a huge affinity for either type of music, meaning the piece lacks the inside references of say, Pitchfork. But what it lacks in record store jargon it makes up for in strange charm and Grape Faygo shoutouts. Derek put together a video from his Juggalo field trip, finding these folks to be a bit warmer than his fellow 'Forkers.

Three of our favorite facts from the video:
1. They have a slip n' slide too! Hipsters and Juggalos are totally the same. Can't we all just get along?
2. You can get kicked out of the military for being a Juggalo? Are Juggalos the new don't ask don't tell?
3.  Juggalo dudes can do impromptu freestyles with Chris Paul shoutouts!

You know who would be totally amped about that last fact? Basketball fanboy Stephen Malkmus. He's also headlining P4K this year with Pavement. And while we totally believe Derek's theory that the Juggalo dudes are a bit warmer and fuzzier and sillier, let's call a spade a spade here. The initial lineup for Pitchfork is more than bananas, like bananas on a sundae with those rainbow sprinkles. LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, Sleigh Bells, our boy Cass McCombs, Here We Go Magic. Bananas like the bonus we leave you below.

(Via: MTV)

Dude Goes To P4K and Juggalo Festivals, Embraces Inner Juggalo