Stephin Merritt Goes Head-to-Head with Taxi Driver, Exhibits Strange Powers

Magnetic Fields have had a pretty sensational month, and Stephin Merritt’s kind of bragging about it (Q: “What are they making a documentary about you for?” A: “‘Cause I’m fascinating,” obviously.) Having just re-released their excellent new album Realism, confirmed news that songwriting maestro Stephin Merritt will be live-scoring 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the silent version!) and re-releasing their much-lauded 69 Love Songs in a massive box set format, they’re upping the ante. “Strange Powers: Stephen Merritt & The Magnetic Fields,” a documentary directed by Kerthy Fix and Gail O’Hara, spotlights a man who hates the spotlight; indeed, Stephin Merritt looks–in this trailer–simultaneously amused and deeply disgusted, all whilst quipping left and right and snarling a little. Alright, no snarling. In fact, he seems simply like a very intense, poetic guy who writes beautiful lyrics that quite a lot of people love and think about cuddling to when alone. Even Sarah Silverman drops her characteristic sauciness and irony for half a second to act like a human being. And to that I say: bravo, Merritt. You do have strange, strange powers. (via The Playlist)

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