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Dedication: Ray J Will Make You Loco

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“For the Love of Ray J” just wrapped up its second season and basically we’re convinced the casting call for this show goes: "IF YOU WANT TO BECOME CRAZY PLEASE EMAIL US AT THIS ADDRESS. INCLUDE NAKED FULL-BODY SHOTS." We try to stay away from foolywangs and keep it classy but we’d like to chime in on this soap opera. There’s the one with the tattoo on her face that tossed her entire mind off a cliff. Then this week at the Season Two reunion the winner from Season One came out of the straitjacket to have a few words with Ray J, causing him to also join her on the downhill tumble into the nonsense. We’ve seen the tape, Ray J, and we think we know what’s going on but we don’t understand it. Our one wish is that you end this or make Season 3 straight to DVD. Until then we’re gonna let Beyonce speak on it because she knows all about love, acting and crazy. -Judnick Mayard

Dedication: Ray J Will Make You Loco