US Air Force Loses First Battle to Longhair with Axe


The United States Air Force sort of admitted to ripping off Jack White finally and removed its shabby version of “Fell in Love with a Girl” from the USAF Reserves website today. The move comes along with a semi-hilarious statement from the composer of the Air Force ditty, Kem Kraft, a 56-year-old Utah man who said of the three songs he sent the military wing’s ad team, “They asked me to tweak the one that they preferred, so I beefed up the drums or whatnot, added some echo to my guitar part.” Is that the most accidental diss of the White Stripes ever made or this dude some sort of super nonchalant government culture spy? Bone chilling.

Regardless, cheers to the White Stripes for their hard-earned victory.

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