We Apologize For Not Sharing Japandroids' "Art Czars" Earlier

japandroidsAmid the office fracas late last week concerning that (some say dreadful) Radiohead cover of Peter Gabriel’s, we failed to provide you with the one chunk of fuzz rock that’d be blowing up our headphones over the weekend. For that you are owed an apology and an mp3. “Art Czars” is part of the seven-inch series mentioned last week and even more rumbling evidence that as much as these guys love Fugazi and Big Black and Mclusky, they’ve spent some serious time hugging a few of those early/great emo records tightly to their bony breasts. Have you heard a band so unrepentantly earnest recently? Nein. Definitely not one as gloriously loud as Japandroids anyway.

Japandroids, Art Czars

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