The Pope's List Of Musical Influences Just Might Be Cooler Than Your Band's

PopeBenedictWe’ve always gone with the assumption that our moms were right and the world pretty much works the way Oprah works. So we figure this is basically like The Beatles and Oasis getting ole Benedict’s book club stamp. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal released an article detailing (though they don’t have the exact list by numbers, but they come close)  L’ Osservatore Romano‘s (the “semi-official” newspaper of the Holy See, if you’re down with Wikipedia) semi-serious guide to the top ten rock albums of all time. Spoiler alert: The Beatles took the cake for top album, but probably not for the one you think. The Gallagher brothers have a new excuse for an ego boost. And a Donald Fagen solo album sneaked onto to a list from which Bob Dylan was decidedly and purposefully omitted, apparently because of the legacy of mediocrity he inspired in his followers and admirers. Har.

Damn, smells like the Vatican posse is looking for a rumble. Check out the full article here. (Via: Gawker via WSJ)

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