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Video: Mary J. Blige Live on Letterman

[youtube width="570" height="489"][/youtube]

Confession: Mary sounded so good in this performance we thought she was lip-synching. Yes we’re ashamed, but in our defense y'all know when she performs she puts you THROUGH it. This was so calm, so smooth. A lot of people say they liked MJB better when she was singing about the pain/cocaine in her life but isn’t everyone entitled to a little happiness? Call us saps but we’re all about the happy Mary. Especially when it means she looks and sounds this good. The performance is just one of many songs she performed last night for her live webcast concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Also the gangster is still there! Did you see when she took her iced-out mic off the stage and sat on it during the interview?!?! You’re right Mary: can’t trust those late-night thieves for a second! -Judnick Mayard

Video: Mary J. Blige Live on Letterman