Video Premiere: Gorillaz 2D Identity Teaser

If you’ve been watching the final season of Lost you’ve probably guessed by now that the show is about stealing mp3s and Locke, or Black Smoke or whatever, is the Web Sheriff and he’s coming to vanquish music bloggers (the Others) and music fans (flight 814). Okay, so it’s not really about that but good lord is it difficult to stay interested in that show. Meanwhile, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s new Gorillaz album, titled Plastic Beach is coming out on March 9th in the US and, from what little we’ve heard and scene, is going to be our new obsession. Albarn produced the album himself, rather than enlisting help from the likes of Dangermouse or Dan the Automator, and it’s definitely a good look—weirder and more stark, for sure. This little video is just a sneak peek at the abduction of 2D by some slender-fingered a-hole that puts him on said Plastic Beach, and we’re sure it will be part of some insane saga imagined by Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett. Take a look and pre-order Plastic Beach here (no track previews yet unfortunately).

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  1. Dark Ashelin says:

    Where are 2D’s tattoos? :O

    Nice vid either way, can’t wait for the album! ^^

  2. Katherine says:

    looks like Murdoc but with his dads nose? :/

  3. katrina says:


  4. pablorkcz says:

    Don’t be a retard, Katrina.

  5. Gentlemanly Jester says:

    That track sounds awesome “Da-dum-dum-dum-da-dum Da-dum-dum-dum-da-dum”

  6. Tehguz says:

    That track sounds like Rhinestone Eyes. Go to and listen to Murdoc’s 3rd pirate radio broadcast. He plays part of the song like 3-4 min into the broadcast. :D

  7. JJ123 says:

    Murdoc with a face mask like in a clockwork orange people.

  8. Ohh, what town is it? It looks familiar, I think it could be in South America maybe. And I think I saw Albarn’s portrait on the left on the beginning o.o? Anyway, delusions, I think the gas hit me too haha great sneak peek, its really awesome what they’re doing :3

  9. vampirela says:

    i agree with katrina
    i try to burn murdoc alive and die, just to fun myself

  10. Babetta says:

    Look out people, this album is gonna kick some wicked ass!!! 2D willingly signed up for this project, it’s just getting him to cooperate with Murdocs’ more inticingly profitable escapades. Would’nt you do anything to make a Gorillaz album? Hail Murdoc and Hail the Gorillaz!!!!

  11. Karim says:

    The city in the video is Beirut, Lebanon. You can see the Lebanese flag (two red stripes, and a green cedar tree on a white backgroun) on the suitcase towards the end. Sound like it will be another incredible album.

  12. Karim says:

    Also the number on the door is “31″ in Arabic.

  13. :) says:

    will this truly be their last album? and katrina.. its Stu Pot, not Stuart :)

  14. Hurtubass says:

    The video reminds me of Park Chan-wook’s movie “Old Boy”. Anyone agree?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wish they can find to Russel.

    “…and katrina.. its Stu Pot, not Stuart (retard face)”
    And “:)” Stu Pot is the shorted form for say Stuart Pot.
    Don´t be a retard who trys to be cool, buddy.

  16. stick says:

    “…and katrina.. its Stu Pot, not Stuart (retard face)”
    And “:)” Stu Pot is the shorted form for say Stuart Pot.
    Don´t be a retard who trys to be cool, buddy.’
    you’re an idiot. or a troll.

    “Some people say my name it Stuart Tusspot, or summfink. But that’s not true. It’s Pot, Stu Pot.” -2D

    Don’t be a retard who tries(*) to be cool, buddy.

  17. hollowheadedyears says:

    2D.. so adorable still. I’m glad I’m with him. AND IM GLAD YOU DONT KNOW WHO I IS. |3 may you all burnwith anticipation at the future. <3