Brooklyn Gets Michael Jackson Subway Station, Manhattan Scoffs

michael_jacksonBrooklyn has a lot of odd attractions, but this may take the cake in terms of sheer potential cult attraction: the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop in downtown Brooklyn will soon officially become a Michael Jackson-themed subway stop. The NY Post reports this might include a full-size mural, lights and projection at night, whiiiiich sounds kind of insane. Logic tells us this all came together because the stop was the set of Jackson’s landmark, Scorsese-directed music video for “Bad” some 23 years ago. But we’re pretty sure people just got tired of telling their friends to meet them at Hoyt-Schermerhorn.

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  1. Avraham says:

    So the MTA, which is operating in hundred of millions of dollars worth of debt, is making a subway stop into a freak show? Spend the money on making the trains show up more frequently, not taking on silly projects.