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Psychobuildings, "Dirty Rainbows" MP3


It's funny because we were just thinking about what it would've sounded like if Suicide had been produced by Nile Rodgers, like super crisp and clear and still possibly insane but brain patterns completely legible. Like "Ghost Rider" filtered through "Let's Dance." So now that you're thinking about that too, here is Brooklyn's Psychobuildings with the third song they've ever made. NO PRESSURE DUDES. But seriously, they have enough of a pedigree with members of Small Black and Silk Flowers for us to jump the gun a little bit. Plus, our buddies over at Transparent are fans, too. Does any of this make sense? Feels like this paragraph is a tag cloud on but the music is good!

Download: Psychobuildings, "Dirty Rainbows"

Psychobuildings, "Dirty Rainbows" MP3