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Video: Solange & Dirty Projectors Cover Groove Theory

[youtube width="570" height="489"][/youtube]
Before you even say “OH HELL NO” press play. You will be pleasantly surprised. Solange and the Dirty Projectors performed this cover of “Tell Me” at the party for the new Opening Ceremony store at the Ace Hotel. Holy shit! Are four trendy references / things we like in one sentence too much?! Whatever, you already knew we were cool. Solange sounds great because she stays true to the form of the already amazing song rather than try to add to it. The real star of the performance though is Angel Deradoorian of The Dirty Projectors. Solange is harmonizing during the chorus; Angel is the one bustin out all those high notes and you know Groove Theory got all “TESTIFY TO THE CHUUCH” with it towards the end of the song. THAT GIRL CAN SAAAAANG! Also we heard Groove Theory just got back together and we’re psyched!! The only bad thing about this video is now WE will be singing this out loud all day and longing for our swoop bangs back. Or rather, staring longingly at some badass suite903 chicks that are still rockin that ish. (Told you we were cool!) We’re jealous of you girl, just know that. —Judnick Mayard

Video: Solange & Dirty Projectors Cover Groove Theory