Morning Commute: Happy Birthday

I'm a hopeless germaphobe. In the morning, when trying to claim some space in a train car on the way to work, I really need to have both my hands available. Because as much as I'd like to kick back and read, it's more comfortable to just lean on what's around than have to transfer whatever gnarliness exists on handles to the book/magazine I'll eventually be reading in bed later that night. Does that make sense? Would you want subway grime in your sheets? I don't. It's a good enough excuse to wear headphones.

Happy Birthday is the three-headed brainchild of Kyle Thomas, a Vermont longhair who also writes and records alone as King Tuff.  Not unlike the many songs he banged out under that moniker, Happy Birthday's glamhammy guitar pop owes as much to the golden 70s as it does the almighty art of chasing/understanding/talking to girls. "Girls FM" is the opening blast from their forthcoming, self-titled Sub Pop debut, a record that's bulletproof and hook-jammed from tip to tail. There's something really exciting about hearing a great young songwriter hit what looks and sounds like a stride, if only because you're always left wanting to hear more and more and more and you hope they never ever stop writing.

Happy Birthday, Girls FM

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Morning Commute: Happy Birthday