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Video: Justin Timberlake f. Timbaland, "Carry Out"

It’s the return of our third favorite interracial couple! (Sorry, Kimora and Halle been holdin it DOWN!) Stop frontin like you don’t get all “Oh shit I done lost my mind” when you hear / see Timbaland and Timberlake. They even have a black & white sartorial scheme and coordinated dance moves. Also we might have to quit writing and open our own Burlesque Drive-In. We think that’s exactly what New York is missing. Our lives, however, have been missing Justin Timberlake’s curlfro and we see that he is maybe growing his hair out. (The hats aren’t fooling anyone.) Just the quick sighting of curls on his head has blown the lid off of our dormant N*SYNC obsession frenzy from days of yore! OMG what if he’s going back to braids?!?! We cant take the thought that we might soon be standing eight hours outside of the record store waiting for the new JT CD. PSYYYCH we work for a music site! On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t quit our jobs then. OK, everyone remain as is and just watch the video. -Judnick Mayard

Video: Justin Timberlake f. Timbaland, "Carry Out"