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We Don't Think We've Outgrown Bright Eyes Yet

Can you, though? Write this down on your list of things to read here at some point in the very near future: nearly ten years after I stumbled across the Oh Holy Fools split and then teared up and then subsequently crashed into the rest of Conor Oberst's early discography, I'm going to go back and listen again and document most of what I feel. Record by record. A former intern by for a visit just blushed when I asked her if she liked Bright Eyes. Chili red, she smiled and said she loved that music.... back when she was 14. She said it almost regretfully. But does that music really sound that young? When did he become corny? If you heard it today as an adult, would you cringe at the fact that you may or may not have beat your chest and crowed some ill-advised rant about Oberst being totally capable of outdoing Bob Dylan by the time he grows old and crusty. Maybe the latter's worth feeling sheepish about but I have a feeling Fever and Mirrors and Lifted still hit as hard as Ray Lewis.

Saddle Creek announced fairly recently that they're going to be re-issuing Bright Eyes' 2004 split with Neva Dinova's Jake Bellows, One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels, a package that'll include unreleased tracks you can hear snippets of in the above video teaser. Their names: "Rollerskating," "Happy Accident," "Someone's Love," and "I Know You."

We Don't Think We've Outgrown Bright Eyes Yet