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DJ Orion, Carajo Colombia! Mixtape MP3


For Carajo Colombia, Austin's DJ Orion has been hard at work re-editing cumbia classics for the genre-melding dancefloor, making tropical heat exponentially sweatier with the unwieldy kicks of Baltimore club and boom-bap-ified digital rhythms. DJ Orion will be playing Que Bajo this Thursday, February 25th. Know what else is cool? This Friday he and Uproot Andy will be special guest DJs on The Let Out on East Village Radio, playing equally classy cumbia/tropical/whatever they feel like. Feel free to walk by the EVR studios if you're in New York to see us all dancing like maniacs.

Download: DJ Orion, Carajo Colombia Mixtape (via Generaton Bass)

DJ Orion, Carajo Colombia! Mixtape MP3