Rick Moody Explains The New Pornographers

In addition to your garden variety one-sheet, the New Pornographers' Together just arrived in the mail today with an album-inspired piece written by author Rick Moody entitled We Are Together. After crying quietly at our desk for a short moment, we pulled ourselves together, wiped the snot from our face and selected a fitting/favorite excerpt. Wisdom and brand new mpfree porn below:

Fewer keyboard flourishes, and fewer things that sound like they necessitated a good computer programmer, and more things that sound like A.C. Newman and the rest of the band playing in a room. This is probably an illusion, this playing together, but it is an illusion with a purpose, because there are at least two songs on this album that use togetherness as the assembling cement, the epoxy of their composition. The first of these is a big rock song, "Your Hands (Together)," and as you would expect the putting of hands together also occasions a silver bullet, of the mortally inflicting variety, which is the paradoxical sort of thematic approach that we would expect from songwriters who are no longer young, and who are willing to write a couplet that answers the question "What's love?" with the response: "What turns up in the dark."

The New Pornographers, Your Hands (Together)

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Rick Moody Explains The New Pornographers