The Report Is In

A tweet flew across our desk just before the weekend, one that put pep in our step. Tripwire contributor Michael McGregor—he who cast beautiful brainlight on the inner workings of Real Estate as well as he who motors the fuzzy BLOGARITHMS of Chocolate Bobka—let his following know that the first shipment of his new zine, The Report, had arrived in his sturdy mailbox. Because the fruits of his labor have shown up on this website before, it may be obvious to say we're fans of McGregor's work. But that's not all that important. Look over The Report's boatload of features below and try saying you're not even a tiny bit inspired to put together something similarly real yourself. We can't.

The journal features new criticism by Pitchfork writer Rob Mitchum, interviews with the Feelies and the Grateful Dead’s official historian Dennis McNally, as well as musings by Ben Chasny on the Japanese label PSF, a photo essay by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails/Real Estate, a brief history of Javelin by their cousin (and former co-conspirator), as well as an inside look at the burgeoning Syndey, Australia music/design world, and the first ever interview with Joseph Childress, arguably the most overlooked artist of the ‘freak-folk’ era. (Also, lots more content, 117 pages worth, no ads).

Trying to make it a full-sensory experience, the journal is bundled with a mixtape (yes, a real C60 cassette tape) featuring new, exclusive, and, in many cases, never-to-be-performed again songs by a slew of “now” artists. (digi-download emailed when package ships.) Tracklist:

Side A
1. Madalyn Merkey – Excerpt from Orphic Breathing
2. Twin Sister- Kimmi In The Ricefield
3. Raw Thrills- Komiche Traveling With Vampires
4. Javelin – Clamato
5. Family Portrait- Dog Wah
6. Holiday Shores- Three Peat
7. Run DMT- Let’s All Take Acid
8. Alice Cohen- The Binding of Cords
9. Real Estate – Wonder Years jam (10 minute jam)

Side B
1. Alex Bleeker- Journey Through The Past (Neil Young cover)
2. Mountain Man- The Loon Song
3. Pillow Talk- Living Room Jam (Julian Lynch + Evan Brody of Family Portrait)
4. Pigeons- Behind the Reeds
5. Woodsman – Mothka
6. Pure Ecstasy- Dream Over
7. Alex Craig & the Cedermark Kitchen Singers – If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow cover)

The DVD features commissioned footage shot exclusively for The Report, including live performances of Mountain Man playing in a church, Pure Ecstasy playing in a Bushwick loft, as well as selections from the NJ Backyard show that never aired on the web and a bunch of other stuff that I’d rather keep a secret so readers/viewers will be surprised when they see it.

Each one will be lovingly packaged with a letter from the editor and whatever goodies we can find in our Greenpoint headquarters to throw in.

The Report Is In