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Video: Perfume Genius, "Never Did"

We posted "Mr. Peterson," by Perfume Genius a few months ago (and someone told us we had the wrong lyrics but never corrected us—please do in the comments!) and were touched by his quiet storytelling. Perfume Genius is the project of Mike Hadreas and is essentially a lo-fi recording of a man sing/speaking over simple piano chords. The video for "Never Did" has a similar opaque ease, men and sites mapped over each other, until the end when it becomes particularly not safe for work and then it gets safer again and the guy looks at the camera sad that it's there and there are a lot of feelings we aren't sure about, not to even start with the questions. This track is the b-side to the upcoming "Mr. Peterson" single on Transparent. You've gotta watch the video over at Vice, as it's not embeddable.

Video: Perfume Genius, "Never Did"