Morning Commute: Bon Iver

I’m a germaphobe. In the morning, when trying to claim some space in a train car on the way to work, I really need to have both my hands available. Because as much as I’d like to kick back and read, it’s more comfortable to just lean on what’s around than have to transfer whatever gnarliness exists on handles to the book/magazine I’ll eventually be reading in my CLEAN bed later that night. Here’s what I listened to on the way to work.

Here's a quandary that might seem simple, but for which I've seriously never really come up with a good solution: does listening to sad songs when you're blue make you feel worse or do they make you feel better? Say you know that certain songs will you make you sad for whatever reason, and you listen to them anyway. Are you listening to feel shittier or better or is a song's function actually much more nuanced than that? There's history and there's the "misery loves company" school of thought, but don't certain people just really gravitate toward songs about heartbreak as opposed to those that run to songs about how say, tonight's going to be a real good night? So does it make more sense to listen to one or the other depending on how you feel? Or does it not matter at all? If you feel like crying, there's all kinds of videos after the leap. Or maybe you'll have a totally different reaction!

Justin Vernon, Hazelton

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Morning Commute: Bon Iver