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Video: Stevie Wonder, Romel Joseph & a Violin

Here at Suite903 we like to give respect and props where they are due. Stevie Wonder is obviously someone we love but it's moments like this that makes you realize how much he is worth it. Romel Joseph is a Haitian violinist and survivor of one of the greatest tragedies of recent time. Stevie Wonder's donation to him is a personal one and as he said, if something is special to you, you ought to pass it on. We could rant on about the symbolism of all the things he passed on to him, get all mushy and make you sob but heres the simple truth: underneath celebrity is simply flesh and blood. Any person who can give to another person unselfishly deserves recognition even if Stevie Wonder had just been another man on the streets in Port au Prince and for once, we should follow this example. -Judnick Mayard

Video: Stevie Wonder, Romel Joseph & a Violin