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Video: Fonzworth Bentley, "Fireside Chat"

OK, we pressed play on this, then pressed pause and steeled ourselves, but Fonzworth: good job! He’s talking some real shit but in a chill voice so that you can rock to it. Not that you shouldn’t be listening because he is preaching, but you’re more likely to play this joint for other folks thereby spreading the knowledge. Mostly it reminds you that Fonzworth Bentley is a man who graduated from a prestigious HBC and does more than shuffle foot with umbrellas like some sort of court jester. Also his voice is perfect for this; it's better that he’s not rapping! Whatever, this shit is fresher than argyle socks and props to the dude for finally saying something worth listening to. -Judnick Mayard

Video: Fonzworth Bentley, "Fireside Chat"