Video: Sade on Wanda Sykes' Show

SADE WE ALREADY LOVE YOU! We don’t need you to show us your humorous side and fuel the fire of our obsession. Shoe game crazy, whip game crazy, we can’t take it! But wait… Wanda Sykes has a show? Also is she saying CHAR-DE? Whatever we’re buggin because Sade just turned our world upside down. Also, we’re NOT waiting until 2020 for a new album. Just be forewarned: if Sade hosts SNL we’re going to lose our shit. –Judnick Mayard (via Concrete Loop)

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  1. soundbyte says:

    Yeah, Sykes is saying “char-day”…i don’t know why some people insist on pronouncing her name that way, Sade herself certainly doesn’t!! And no, Wanda Sykes is not at all funny. That shrill voice just turns me right off….