Watch Pantha Du Prince's New Video, Please Send Presents

My mom’s name is Ursula and like Hendrik Weber, bka Pantha Du Prince, she’s what you would call… German. Growing up, this was cause for a few differences during the holidays. Santa came just twice before permanently handing the reins over to the Christ Child and, considering we probably found ourselves in a church on a Sunday maybe twice as a family, that always felt a little weird. But that Dude brought presents so I kept quiet. Another thing we didn’t take mess with? It’s A Beautiful Life. Instead, we looped a series of VHS tapes, German Christmas carols sung by slick German pop idols in snow-covered spots tucked away in Bavaria or the Black Forest somewhere. Mr. Weber’s new video for the Panda Bear-enhanced “Stick To My Side” is easily the closest thing I’ve seen since. Welcome to a corner of my childhood, please send presents.

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