Xiu Xiu's Bloody Shirt, Gaga's Locks, and Other Promo Weirdness

When an album is as good as Xiu Xiu's Dear God, I Hate Myself you don't need a lot of incentive to shell out the dough.  Jamie Stewart might disagree however. In order to spike pre-sales on their newest release, Stewart and Co. found the perfect bait: a t-shirt covered in human blood. NOT GROSS AT ALL, right? The first 21 people to dole out $40 for Dear God received handmade chocolate (how thoughtful) and a promotional t-shirt reading "Xiu Xiu For Life," written in, wait for it.....blood whose origins we're not entirely sure of right now.

Xiu Xiu may take the cake on the weirdness scale, but plenty of other bands have brought some oddball creativity to the promotions game. We break them down after the jump.

The Flaming Lips: The Embryonic deluxe limited edition comes with the standard CD/DVD combo, but Wayne Coyne got a little nuts with the packaging; the set is sold in a "fur box." Yeah, we're sure there's no that's-what-she-said implied here.

Nine Inch Nails: For a band that's usually so technologically up-to-date, you would expect that a NIN limited edition set would be gussied up with all the latest tech bells and whistles that nerds crave. Not so for "Ghosts I-IV," which includes "an exclusive slideshow" to play with the music. A slideshow? Come on Reznor, this isn't Family Vacation '64.

Pearl Jam: Pearl Jam's Super deluxe limited edition box set is a must-have for any young Pearl Jam devotee. That is, if said devotee lives in '92 and has a man crush on Eddie Vedder (Edit: I count myself among this target audience); among other things, the set comes with a cassette tape—you're dating yourselves here, guys—and an "Eddie Vedder style composition notebook." You lucky few can now doodle in a notebook that LOOKSJUSTLIKEHIS.

Metallica: 2008's Death Magnetic has a pretty memorable cover, but Metallica thinks that their fans need a more concrete vision of mortality. What better way to send that message than with a coffin inspired box set? Fold your own casket with Lars Ulrich!

Lady Gaga: She's always been one for the outrageous, and for her The Fame Monster super deluxe pack, Gaga almost outdoes Xiu Xiu's bloody inspiration. Not only will you receive a book fit for your coffee table (classy!), $99.98 also earned you a real lock of the Lady's hair. Paired with your Xiu Xiu gore, you'll be well on your way to becoming a rock 'n roll Buffalo Bill.

Xiu Xiu's Bloody Shirt, Gaga's Locks, and Other Promo Weirdness