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Morning Commute: Quarantine The Past

I’m a germaphobe. In the morning, when trying to claim some space in a train car on the way to work, I really need to have both my hands available. Because as much as I’d like to kick back and read, it’s more comfortable to just lean on what’s around than have to transfer whatever gnarliness exists on handles to the book/magazine I’ll eventually be reading in my CLEAN bed later that night. Here’s what I listened to on the way to work.

God is sneezing on New York right now and probably will be by the time Monday rolls around. Do you know what happens on Monday? These dudes will play their first show since November of 1999. In New Zealand. There's a Klosterman-penned feature on Malkmus and the impending reunion tour in the current issue of GQ that paints the Pavement frontman in odd light. He doesn't seem to be all that sure why they're touring this year just like I honestly didn't get why they're releasing a Greatest Hits comp in a few weeks. But then I listened and then I remembered what I somehow recently forgot: these songs are fantastic. They're going to sound fantastic again. It's going to be great. I hope God and Stephen Malkmus are on that wavelength by the time the latter strolls into Central Park in September.

Pavement, Gold Soundz

Morning Commute: Quarantine The Past