Gorilla Biscuits' Walter Schreifels Drafts an Open Letter to one of Many Scenes


Remember the Gorilla Biscuits? The straight-edge hardcore band that brought you songs like “Start Today” and “New Direction” and a bunch of other motivational songs to keep kids on the right track while they elbowed their way through the mob of punks at CBGB’s? Well, CBGB’s turned into a John Varvatos store and the Gorilla Biscuits broke up, but that do-good spirit stayed alive. And now former GB frontman Walter Schreifels, whose staying power has spanned genres from hardcore to post-hardcore to alternative rock, is putting out an album of his own. Older and wiser, Schreifels will drop An Open Letter to the Scene on May 4th.  We wonder which scene he is writing to, and if it is a nice letter or an angry one. Judging by “Arthur Lee’s Lullaby,” it’s probably a nice one!

Walter Schreifels, Arthur Lee’s Lullaby

POSTED February 26, 2010 5:34PM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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