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Pavement Blogs Help The Fanboys and the Internet Skeptics Finally Unite

When a band like Pavement gets back together, nothing but joy should come to mind. But we live in an age of cynicism and promises that new Dr. Dre albums will actually come out and blog posts speculating the aftermath of unconfirmed hypotheticals. Needless to say, the many months since the Pavement dudes announced their reunion plans have left ample room for Interweb (and real life) skepticism. Is this for real? Will they play new songs? Will they all be dating Tila Tequila?

But wonder no more (at least for the first and hopefully third question), as Spiral Stairs has posted some party pics from the sufficiently intense sounding practice sessions (" the time we had finished, most of the 40 plus songs we had rehearsed were sounding pretty good."). Damn dudes. Check out the full quotes and stills on his blog. And Steve West also has somewhat of an ongoing video diary of how (as seen above and below) that now includes some Pavement cameos. We're pretty sure that was like the third day of journalism school or something: if it's on YouTube it must be real. Count it! More visuals after the jump.

(Via: P4K)

Pavement Blogs Help The Fanboys and the Internet Skeptics Finally Unite