Stream: Holy Ghost!, “On Board” (Friendly Fires Cover)

Holy Ghost! are earning the exclamation point with this one. As part of an exchange program, Friendly Fires are covering them and they’re covering Friendly Fires. DFA says HG’s FF cover of “On Board” has been getting some good radio spin in the UK and we’d like to see that replicated here. Oprah would love this jam. She should get a Sirius radio show and just play disco. That animated GIF with Tom Cruise shooting lightning out of his eyes—soundtrack to that. Even thought animated GIFs don’t have soundtracks. Holy Ghost! DJ a lot—they only have three songs and one is a cover and already they are famous enough that they get muttered in the same sentence as Oprah. They’re probably in Paris right now, DJing on top of the Eiffel Tower for the Queen Elizabeth’s birthday party that Joe Francis threw. Fuckers.

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