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Behold Joanna Newsom's 2002 Music Video Debut!


Is that a mustache? Nah, it's a bloody mustache! A conversation in the office about last Friday's Morning Commute sparked another conversation about Joanna Newsom's Nevada City salad days. Among her many divisive talents and ticks, it should be noted going forward that Ms. Newsom was also (and probably continues to be) a particularly gifted younger sister to Peter Newsom, drummer for Fugazi-inflected, children's book-inspired foursome Pocket For Corduroy. That band dissolved the year director Brad Oates shot this twisted clip for "New Obsession," no thanks to Joanna's dead girl cameo at the 0:48 mark. THANK YOU INTERNET. I APPRECIATE YOU. AIR HUG.

Video's after the leap.

Behold Joanna Newsom's 2002 Music Video Debut!