CYRIOUSLY: We Invented The Relief Effort Remix

Okay, by this point most viewers/readers/stalkers should have a rough idea of how my writing steez (translation: 'style') breaks down....with the usage of loose examples and a highly bias (not really, though) perspective on matters all related to R&B, I toss out a strong opinion on a matter....whether right or wrong, just what I was feeling at the time. Therefore, with that said, please allow me to introduce my stance on relief effort records.

Stop, stop, stop "lyin'!" Yes, hate it or love it like 50 Cent and Game back in '05 but it's the all mighty Power Rangin' truth, relief effort records need to be easy and not try to keep it so playa in these times of need. While I vaguely recall any "benefit" cuts being put together for the Hurricane Katrina, I still cannot get over the mixed reactions to "We Are The World" [remixed]. (laugh) At some point, folks should just be satisfied with the fact mad (translation: 'tons,' dun) celebrities came together to perform on one record just in hopes of raising a few thousand --> million bucks for Haiti relief. Sure, Jay-Z said the iconic track should go untouched so he did not feel it was right to drop a hot 16 like a Sliders-version of R. Kelly, but still, have we gone to the point of no return and missed the big point?

Yes, I'm twisting and turning my words but flow with me for a second. Granted, I ultimately feel the need to do a remix for a monumental song is wiggity wiggity wack, however, the underlying/ultimate goal should never go unnoticed. Aight Hovi, we feel your stance on the situation and the track you did with Bono was "Ehhhhhh" while another could have been 'Illmatic,' but still, to diss a relief effort track? That was laaaaame, if you ask me.

Getting back to the topic at hand, remixing emergency relief effort-based tracks? Yes, it's corny and people should come together for their own original ideas. Maybe this entire Chile earthquake is getting me a bit mixed up in the head, but with Haiti just a cool month and some days past its original disaster, I keep thinking about aspects like "how" efforts are being made. Just keep it simple.

Three verses, top celebrities included (sorry Nipsey Hu$$le and Busta Rhymes, you guys don't make the cut) and sponsorship from top companies like Nike, Wal-Mart, know, organizations capable of actually carrying products/items needed in times of disaster?

Keep it simple and while I do not fully send my consent to Mr. Carter, I must admit, one key issue is evident, let the classics remain classics without having to do a continuation/sequel (unless we're talking "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part II," word to Sade)....If you ask me, the "We Are the World" [remix] almost felt like the equivalent of product placement in your favorite daytime soap operas/evening sitcoms.....almost to the point of "KANYE WEST & LIL WAYNE FEATURED ON 'WE ARE THE WORLD'" became the key issue. Funk outa here, word 'em up?

I know it sounds like I may be contradicting myself, and for that simple fact I applaud GoCyrusGo for being human but you have to keep in mind the two main points I'm trying to make like Kobe aiming to force over-time against the Celtics.....

1. Do NOT remix an "iconic" record as a means to create a notable emergency relief effort track.

2, Keep it simple and remember "who" you are trying to reach. (Are you trying to come out with the biggest-name track off all-time or are you trying to raise funds ASAP?)

Who knows, maybe this posting will go unnoticed to the powers that be or it might just slip through a blog posting here, 'FWD: check this suite903 postings out' e-mail there and POOF! right into the hands of an executive's assistant trying to pull a Jerry Maguire on homie and my blabbing gave her/him a 1/3 of confidence needed to do so....whatever the case may be, take it and RUN with it.

CYRIOUSLY: We Invented The Relief Effort Remix