Dedication: J.Lo as Rihanna on SNL

We’re not sure who gets the prize for best impression in this one but we DEF have to shout out our girl J.Lo as RiRi. The hair, the outfit, the adlibs: perfection. You know, sometimes we forget that J.Lo is an actress (please hold your laughter) and that this SNL gig could actually have occurred because they knew she could be funny. Not just the usual “I’m on this show because I got an album / movie coming out and have no skills whatsoever.” Wait what, she’s got an album coming out AND a movie? When? Really? NO WAY! IS JA RULE ON IT??!?! Hrmm…well does she at least use the N word again?!?! Sigh fine: we stand corrected. Also, we’d like to give props to SNL for having a funny skit this week. We would’ve dedicated “Ain’t it Funny” but its not about ya’ll. Check the dedication after the jump. -Judnick Mayard

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