Tyga f. Lil Wayne, “I’m On It” MP3

We’ve been waiting on this one since the night before Wayne was scheduled to go to prison and gave a sneak peek when he took Lil Twist and his Ustream to the video set. Wayne, as most now know, avoided the clink the next day because of an incredibly gnarly dental emergency. But now, on the eve of his rescheduled sentencing date, the song is out and it seems like the last two weeks went by way too fast. Good luck to Wayne, and expect this to be the beginning of a deluge of new material from him while he’s away.

Download: Tyga f. Lil Wayne, “I’m On It”

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  1. ridout says:

    ill fucks with this iits dope as helll

  2. beau says:

    best song ive heard all day

  3. An idiot says:

    Suck my dick and microwave my ballz