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DJ Donna Summer, "Raw" MP3


To coincide with that crazy DJ Donna Summer video we posted last week previewing his new EP (out today), here's the title track, in "320" version because we know you people love high quality mp3s like that. The wobble and skittering beats on this little track are addictive, but the best part is the creeping little synth bleat at the beginning—maybe we are being misguided by having seen the video, but it reminds us of one of our favorite movies After Hours, with that sort of sneaky, off-kilter feeling of paranoia that something truly bizarre is happening even though things are all ostensibly in place. Which is to say, we are not going to listen to this song while herbed-out, but all other times it will be thoroughly enjoyable.

Download: DJ Donna Summer, "Raw"

DJ Donna Summer, "Raw" MP3