Young Jeezy f. Plies, “Lose My Mind” MP3

Jeezy unleashes the first leak from Thug Motivation: 103 with Plies yelling his balls off on a verse. Produced by Drumma Boy’s The Drum Squad, it follows Jeezy’s pattern of putting out singles that make you want to punch someone directly in the face for pretty much no reason at all. The release date for TM103 has been shifty, but the rumored production credits range from Kanye and No ID to a bunch of new dudes. Does it even matter? You could make a beat with a paper bag and Jeezy would sound raw.

Download: Young Jeezy f. Plies, “Lose My Mind” (via NYCNeef, NMC premiere)

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  1. Andy says:

    why plies? come on.

  2. lakendra says:

    ! L0V3 !T CUZ PL!3S N !T…!F U DNT L!K3 !T DNT 3V3N C0MM3NT U CN K33P !T M0V!N..

  3. HereticDeath says:

    Guess what my mama told me …
    She hate my partners
    Guess why she hate em though
    Cause all of em robbin
    Fuck da police, Cause all of em problems
    White girls fun .. cause of em swallow
    Why i aint fucker at da house cause da bitch holla
    and where dfa pillman at he da blue dolphins
    O broke ass nigga stop cock blockin

  4. 229gaboi says:

    security i need help
    cuz da bih stalkin
    a half fuckin mil’
    thats wat da whip cost me
    $100 thats what the pussy cost me
    when the n* start hatin thats when the n* lost me
    fantastical, thats what the h* call me

  5. lil.daddy says:

    this shyt go soo hard

  6. chris says:

    man dis song ridin. plies kill daa junk

  7. kadajah says:

    loving this song like it aint nun.

  8. kadajah says:

    y y’all tr!pp!n, !m ju&+ f!nd, 12:45 b0u+ +#@+ tim3.!!!!! this song the b3st. pl!3s k!ll!n !t m@nn!!!! l0v3 u pl!3s:)

  9. cool guy says:

    dis shit crank