Morning Commute: Foals

I’m a germaphobe. In the morning, when trying to claim some space in a train car on the way to work, I really need to have both my hands available. Because as much as I’d like to kick back and read, it’s more comfortable to just lean on what’s around than have to transfer whatever gnarliness exists on handles to the book/magazine I’ll eventually be reading in bed later that night. Does that make sense? Would you want subway grime in your sheets? I don’t. It’s a good enough excuse to wear headphones.

Last Friday night I spent some time talking to the men of Wild Beasts, a conversation that you'll be able to read here very soon. We talked a bit about the UK and NME and the claustrophobia bands over there tend to suffer from, should they feel like they have little to do with what's being devoured in either Manchester or London at the moment. Foals immediately sprang to mind, the Oxford outfit having all but disappeared from the radar since they started embracing buzz two years ago at this time. That band was (read: still is) fantastic and smart and I had genuinely worried that they had called it a day, that we might never get to hear them again. Wild Beasts said not to fret, that they had just finished a new record and it was incoming. And then last night, the above video for new single "Spanish Sahara" came through on the Twitterwire. It sounds nothing like the jittery pop mathematics they once perfected, but quiet and beautiful in a way I couldn't possibly have expected. Hear the mp3 difference below. No word yet on the US release date, but Total Life Forever is slated to drop in the UK on May 10.

Foals, Spanish Sahara

Foals, Balloons

Morning Commute: Foals