Oddsmaker: Which LCD Soundsystem Song Title Will Become Your Next Depressing Party Starter?

You know the parties we're talking about. At midnight you've got a sort of spontaneous dance vibe going and all is feeling right Fast forward two or three hours and maybe a few more beverages and everyone is playing DJ. One guy thinks LCD is always a safe bet so he throws on "All My Friends." At first you kind of move to it and remember what an all-time jam it is. Then, six minutes into the thing you're near tears on the couch calling your college ex-girlfriend and wondering what happened to your youth. Or, you know, something like that. Regardless, someone needs to stop that guy at the next party.

Anyway, the tracklist for the upcoming LCD album (due out May 18 in the U.S.) was just released on Pitchfork, and the titles are just vague enough to let us do some speculating on what will emerge from this album as the heart of our future party playlists. Here goes...

Dance Yrself Clean: Sounds fun but too self-aware for our liking: 1:15
Drunk Girls: Similarly-titled Kanye song turned out to be one of the biggest duds of Graduation, but we think James might handle the subject matter a bit more delicately on this apparent potential single: 1:5
One Touch: This sounds of a more romantic (Edit: or overtly sexual) vein to us, but James is a tricky fellow, so maybe not: 1:10
All I Want: For some reason this sounds like a potential steamroller: 2:1
Change: We're worried (read: secretly pumped) that this is the "All My Friends" style self-deprecating jam of the album. Remember, don't be that guy: 1:20
Hit: All our hopes lead to this being a balls-to-the-wall victory lap of sorts, but in our minds it's also like 9 minutes along, and have you seen us dance for nine straight minutes? Yikes: 1:10
Pow Pow: We're calling this one our dark horse because, well, exclamatory titles FTW! (See: "Get" Innocuous!" and the Crass version of "Yeah" always felt like it should have some exclamation) 1:4
Somebody's Calling Me: Now we're just back on that party couch getting an awkward returned call from the college ex-girlfriend. She's married now? WHAT?! 1:40
What You Need: Normally we're not so into being told what we need, but in dance form it can be helpful at times. People still do the "Cha Cha Slide," right? We're pretty sure James has a much better idea what we need than that guy... 1:2

This concludes our very scientific oddsmaking session.  Question: where would the indie rock Vegas be? Austin? Portland? The bodega with the slots machine in Williamsburg? Wherever it is, see you there in May with the results. (Via: P4K)

Oddsmaker: Which LCD Soundsystem Song Title Will Become Your Next Depressing Party Starter?