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Video: Alley Boy, "50 Bars of Poison"

Atlanta may get a little more credit from outsiders these days when it comes to linguistic prowess, but there's still a hesitance to recognize it as a hub for the most aggressively eloquent rappers on Earth. That may be due to some of its residents (Waka Flocka) openly mocking lyricism, but it's not the job of the whole city to cater to a specific audience. On the other hand, you got dudes like Pill and Alley Boy, who may be 2010's version to Onyx (all four of them) and the men to span the gap. Alley named a song after its number of bars (for the nerds) and it's part of a mixtape that is the most relentless criminal rap we've heard in a long, long time. It is called The Definition of Fuck Shit, which is officially a part of our lexicon now ("this latte is the definition of fuck shit"), and the DJ-free version just got sent out by Alley's bro Fat Matt of Duct Tape Entertainment. Your brain will be exhausted after listening to it.

Download: Alley Boy, Definition of Fuck Shit Mixtape (No DJ)

Video: Alley Boy, "50 Bars of Poison"