Video: Young Money (Just the Wee Members), “Girl I Got You”

Any song that interpolates Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do” is a straight cupid’s arrow to our hearts, but add the fact that only the Lil’ Young Money dudes are on this (Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist, obvs) and this might be our favorite video since “My Chick Bad.” Can we also just discuss the ramifications of Lil Chuckee basically being Lil Wayne with less tattoos and 12 years old? And the fact that he already appears to have the ladies’ man magnetism of Weezy, and he raps the line If we had a team/ I’d be Reggie Bush/ You’d be Kim Kardashian/ Your body so amazing, whilst a pre-pubescent stick thin girl dances (thankfully un-suggestively) behind him? AND the fact that he is a good rapper? It’s too early for this!

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  1. rahn g's says:

    way ahead of there time.
    I love rap music!!! lol

  2. Drew says:

    Isn’t it escapade thats the sample used on this track?

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