CYRIOUSLY: Brown Sugar For Sale

Word, D'Angelo?

Wow, sometimes you wonder when a "great" thing really is over and done with and after reading some headlines from over the weekend, I have no choice but to accept the fate sites like MediaTakeOut and Bossip have already cemented....D'Angelo's career being in jeopardy is beyond a likely possibility, it is practically a fact.

Apologies for running and gunning with this post without giving a proper set-up, so let me break it down...


*Oral Sex 4 Sale

*Undercover FEMALE Cop (thank Hov!)

*News Sites Go Crazy

And if the above breakdown is insufficient, then I'll do the kind duty of paraphrasing thanks to the two, three-paragraph write-up from the New York Post.

One of the most anticipated artists to have fans yearning for a comeback album (think male version of Lauryn Hill), D'Angelo, got busted (pause) over the weekend when it turns out he was soliciting oral sex (Blow Job Betty?) for a speculated price of $40 (isn't that about 40 iTunes songs?)...well, turns out the offer was picked an undercover prostitute/cop and Mr. Brown Sugar was slapped with a solicitation charge and took to the New York police department......

Ouch, errr, funk! Yes, all three terms bursted out of me when I read the headline courtesy of the NYPost....not only do I wait for this guy to really do some crunch time interviews, at least reminding people he "does" still exist but I tend to go back and strike my "How Does It Feel (Untitled)" poses semi-nude in the mirror at my local New York Sports Club Gym.....all to just have him come out of nowhere in the "criminal" section of the paper?

"C'Mon Son!" (c) Ed Lover

In all honesty, I really doubt this story is as full-proof as the paper claims, but nonetheless, to just stunt on your fan following and make headlines for something as wack as this? When I think about it, I feel like D was merely joking or kinda taking the sex talk to another level with a woman who just happened to be a cop....

Think about it, how many times have you found yourself surrounded by co-workers and "accidentally" bringing up about 93 different items which clearly go against all those "Codes of Conduct" rules you signed an agreement to, right?

But whether he did or did not is really an issue I could care less about, my feeling is in relation to why does the first real sighting of D'Ang come at this extent?


CYRIOUSLY: Brown Sugar For Sale