OK Go Turn Off Treadmills, Run

From EMI. As you might expect, the first ever (that we know of anyway) band vs. label squabble centered solely around YouTube embeds ended ugly, and in a way your grandparents definitely would not understand.

Us: OK Go left their record label today to start their own company.
Grandpa: Those guys with that silly video in the workout room? That looked dangerous.
Us: Yeah, that's the one.
Grandpa: Are they going independent? Sticking it to the man?
Us: Something like that. Their record label stopped allowing websites to post their silly videos. They presented their concerns to the label, but nothing much ever came from it. So now they're starting their own company called Paracadute.
Grandpa: Oh... right. Are rappers still wearing their pants low these days? That was nonsense.
Us: A few. But skinny jeans have been pretty in lately, Gramps.

(Via: Vulture)

OK Go Turn Off Treadmills, Run