Re-Issue: Madonna

Photo by Amy Arbus

This week, FADER Media's Style Assistant Alex Frank will comment on the throwback style and fashion of a Suite903 artist. Today’s Re-Issue: Madonna.

Saying you like Madonna's style is jumping into a pretty deep ocean considering she changes her look as frequently as some people change their socks. But we've narrowed down why Madonna is our style icon to not just an era, but a particular photo. It's a street shot that Amy Arbus (Diane's daughter) took right before Madonna became a globally famous and was still just an outstanding icon of disco and youth to New Yorkers in the know. Her look in this photo captures our fantasy of New York: a city filled with young kids who scour thrift stores and jumble something together to look as far-out as they can.

Her coat isn't even oversized, its over-oversized and covered in stains. Her cheap dye job is frosted like a Bodega-bought birthday cake and that scarf looks like a scrap of fabric she found on the floor. And we wouldn't change a thing, not even those dainty little socks that add the perfect punctuation of frump to the whole look. This picture looks like the New York of our style dreams. Madonna's got a closet full of Dolce and Stella McCartney now, but she'll never look better than this, and I bet she spent about a buck on the whole thing.- Alex Frank

Re-Issue: Madonna