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Pandemonium Jones' Skull Candle Mix


The reason that we will forever pay attention to whatever Caps and Jones do—together or separate—is that they are super chilled out when it comes to DJing. Not every mix needs to be a kajillion BPMs a minute and filled with the hottest new shit, and really, dudes will disappear from the DJ circuit only to come back and facilitate some of the most fun nights we could possibly have. We write all this to say that completely out of nowhere Pandemonium Jones has dropped a mixtape full of megajams. Put your hands up if you've ever raged to Smog's "Bathysphere!" No? All good, us neither—but it is still great and it is nice to hear it sharing space with other perennial FADER favorites like Black Mountain and Map of Africa, and also, fuck it, some Beatles and Ugly Duckling as well. Why not? Keep a look out for the physical product, featuring silkscreened art(!) Blacklight, chest full of old Playboys and your older brother's Stormtrooper bong probably not included.

Download: Pandemonium Jones' Skull Candle Mix

Pandemonium Jones' Skull Candle Mix