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Video: Get International Soul in Eurovision

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For those of who you who have not been keeping up to date with the Eurovision Song Competition (this means non-Europeans stuck on FiOs), the 2010 songs are hitting YouTube, and there are a few you should definitely check out. A Suite903 favorite is Eva Rivas' submission for Armenia called "Apricot Stone." Eva's vocals can compete with any female R&B vocalist in the U.S., once you get past the fruit-bearing title. Not as exciting as the sexually explicit material coming out of the states, but vocally exciting nonetheless. After Armenia, honorable mention goes out to Portugal with a solid performance by Filipa Azevedo on "Ha Dias Assim." Romania would get a heavy nod too if they didn't blatantly rip off a Lady Gaga riff (1:06), but it's still worth checking out for a laugh.--Eric Sandler

Video: Get International Soul in Eurovision