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Get Drunk with Will Oldham


Listening to Will Oldham/Bonnie "Prince" Billy's music has inspired us to start drinking wine on our couches on more than a couple occasions, so it's fun to see our lives coming full-circle now that his big, beardy face could actually serve as a stopper for said wine.  These little guys are available in limited supply of 150 with the purchase of his upcoming release on Domino (Update: they are now sold out), a marketing tact most labels should adopt as soon as possible. Also, while these things are sufficiently adorable, we're secure enough to admit we're going to have nightmares of the photo where all 150 carved figurines are standing together as a Will Oldham-clone army getting ready to invade our office.

The album, The Wonder Show Of The World, is out March 23 in the U.S. on Drag City and March 29 in the U.K. on Domino.(Via: P4K)BonnieWine2

Get Drunk with Will Oldham