Who is Jill Scott? (10 Years Later)

After the Y2K fluke, we shrugged our shoulders (pre-Kanye shrug) at the mysterious tech hoax. There were questions we just didn't have the answers to, and in music this one also stumped us: "Who Is Jill Scott?" Yeah really, who is that chick that penned Erykah Badu's vocals on "You Got Me" off the Roots' Grammy-winning LP? Sorry, that lady in fact was the talented songwriter who vocalized love in the new millennium.

Jill Scott needed an introduction for her soft poetic coos. Close your eyes and they could have been mistakened for any average girl stepping from a Red Café video into a mic-check, but Ms. Scott carried more weight, I mean depth to her songs about the "L" word, not infatuation. Since padding her catalog of music over the past 10 years, Jill caught the acting bug. What happened to singing though? Her falsetto a little rusty these days? Three years away from the booth, Jill now needs a re-introduction. Her fourth release, The Light of the Sun: Words and Sounds, Vol. 4 is on deck, and the announcement a new tour with Maxwell shows signs that don't all lead to more question marks. Here's four of the soulstress' most notable projects away from music.

Last year JS starred in an HBO series The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, as a private detective in a place where Angela Lansbury's jurisdiction ends—Botswana. Most of her cases dealt with some serious crime, but smaller issues dealt with "investigating" the "extra-curricular activities" of married men. It sounds more like Kanye's "Robocop" than what you'd expect from Colombo's female counterpart. OK, so if not Colombo, she's like Mr. West said, "Just looking at your history, you're like the girl on Misery."

Sooo BET teaming up with Marvel on the Black Panther cartoon. Can we expect this to air while we have a black president? As much as the show has been oft-delayed, we wonder if getting the star-studded cast is what has the network pussyfooting around with a full-length episode. Jill is slated to play the voice of Storm, Black Panther's love interest, and Djimon Hounsou cast as the lead pussy(cat). Can anyone see the problem here? Your man Reginald Hudlin is the head writer for starters, who as one of the BET execs has always been suspect. We're willing to face the reality, but are they? It's been two years since the trailer and opener were posted on YouTube. College Hill will probably have another season before we hear Jill Scott do Storm. BET and animated shows just don't mix, unless it's in a Boondocks sketch. Put this one on the shelf with Joe Clair's unaired episodes of Rap City.

Jill Scott was just laying the foundation for her 2010 triple-threat (music, movies, TV) when she'd be making an even bigger splash on-screen when she gave Lifetime a major ratings boost when she starred in Sins of the Mother with another Hollywood shooting star, Nicole Beharie. The story is based on Orange Milk and Honey, a novel about an alcoholic mom that gets sober. Sounds like a great hangover remedy for a run at next year's Emmy awards.

Next month, Tyler Perry gets to wipe his ass with more moula when he dumps the Why Did I Get Married Too? sequel. The multi-talented Jill Scott reprises her role as Sheila again in one of Perry's more passable films.

Who is Jill Scott? (10 Years Later)