The Curious Case of Donell Jones

We love Donell Jones. His voice is like a buttercream bath and "Where I Wanna Be" turns us into 12 year-old girls pining for an unrequited love to be our boo. Sadly, years after the song dropped, Donell has tripped on a cliff and straight FELL OFF. He was up there with the best of 'em lining his studio with underwear from fans when Trey Songz was saying "AHHH" for his pediatrician. (Don't you dare pause!) Donell Jones had a strong start but apparently this song was his peak. How did so much talent get lost?

We had a few theories about what happened. Most involving the general music industry conspiracy of holding talented artists down. But there's two sides to every story of artist vs. record label. Maybe even the general public being brainwashed by Auto-Tune. But we've picked three videos telling a different story of the R&B O.G.'s other snoozers like his resurfacing on The Mo'Nique Show. Donell's voice hadn't changed, or so we thought until we peeped the performance segment. My dear Donell, you are straining like Monique's panty elastic. Your voice is gone? We're not ready to buy that. We also can't believe your dome is still lurking under fedoras. Your image hasn't changed much throughout these songs, and that might be the root of the problem. Either way, this is what it has come to Donell: performing while Mo'Nique eats dinner. Check out our breakdown of three other Donell Jones songs that could use improvement.


Better start talking Donell. Explain how this Ryan Leslie beat bumps so hard in the car and yet made no head way. Telling a girl to beg you to stay—weak. Working with Jermaine Dupri, R. Les, and R. Kelly, Donell's had great opportunities to follow-up his debut with R&B singers of his generation and the next. Maybe he should stick to ballads.


After '92 that sweatsuit and Kangol combo is unacceptable. What's with the hats Donell? Put all of that down. The cover of My Heart, introduced us to your subtle style. Then Where I Wanna Be was an upgrade of a more intimate look, sans shades and smoking a cig. Dude's got many moods, but it's been many moons since we've seen that duality of looks. Even Styles P switched gears to show how sensitive a thug can be on this track that's unparalleled to "You Know That I Love You."


We see Donell now trying to do something different but at this point. Is it too little, too late? We're not gonna shit on an uplifting song. We will however unleash all over that hat, and that bogus green screen in the video. Why couldn't you just be sitting somewhere playing the guitar, somewhere normal and real. We want to feel the realness of the cause, like the civil rights leaders that prefaced the song. Are the stars making the difference? Whatever. We're through here.

The Curious Case of Donell Jones