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Flashback: Janelle Monae at the Levi's/FADER Fort


Janelle Monae is a pint-sized party under a pompadour. We're still reeling off her album listening, and since we're here in NYC while everyone is down at SXSW, we thought we'd take a look back to when she rocked the Fort.

Essentially watching Janelle makes us want to act like the dude at 0:39. The lady never stops and she's not afraid to get dirty either. Licking the mic cable, stripping off her tuxedo jacket, messing up her hair. Janelle you're everything we want! All this just makes the audience feel like, "If shes hyped I should be too!" and yes, you should've been if you were there for last year's show. It's the middle of the day in Texas, you're drinking and watching Janelle. What else would you be doing? Now that it's a solid 70 degrees in New York we gotta get our bikini bodies on. So watch this and then have some margaritas. Anywhere there's Janelle, theres a jamboree.

Via Levi's Fader Fort

Flashback: Janelle Monae at the Levi's/FADER Fort