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Re-Issue: Marsha Hunt

Each week, FADER Media Style Director Chioma Nnadi will comment on the throwback style and fashion of a Suite903 artist. Today’s Re-Issue: Marsha Hunt.

If I could step back in time, and steal any 'fro in the Universe it would probably be Marsha Hunt's. Not that I'm a huge fan of her music or literature, and I have absolutely zero interest in seeing Hair, the musical that made her famous. Fact is, that fuzzy black halo was undeniably magical, and there's a great close-up of her infamous afro in this video—as she talks in her '60s transatlantic drawl, nonchalantly puffing on a cigarette—her painted eyes look so huge she could almost be a life-sized, black disco Barbie. Of course Marsha wasn't disco at all, and her whole being was pretty much straight up rock 'n' roll. She's known to have seduced Marc Bolan with a flutter of lashes, and gave Mick Jagger his first love child. Now even Erykah can't match that level of love-juju sorcery. --Chioma Nnadi

Re-Issue: Marsha Hunt