Dirty Projectors Cover Dylan. It Rules.


On the flight home from Texas yesterday, I watched FC Barcelona rough up Real Zaragoza. Lionel Messi was at his most breathtaking, bringing the English half of the commentary team to wax rhapsodic so forcefully you couldn't help but feel like you were witnessing miracles. At one point, after comparing the his gift (limitless) to the number of bubbles in a bottle of champagne (also limitless), he said something striking: while placing Messi on the same small planet as Maradona and Pelé and Johan Cruyff, he gave thanks and urged us to give thanks too. I sometimes wonder if that's what it must have been like to grow old with Bob Dylan, to hear his miracles just as he conjured them. Is Dave Longstreth the Lionel Messi of pop music? No that's a stupid question. But it does make sense that he would select a Dylan number from 1985's oft-forgotten Empire Burlesque to cover with his Dirty Projectors outfit—"Dark Eyes". It's as though two planets are colliding, one old and one young, the result almost as beautiful and slack jaw-worthy as Messi was 24 hours ago. Give thanks anyway.

Dirty Projectors, Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover)

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Dirty Projectors Cover Dylan. It Rules.